My First Post

April 19, 2021

Looking through my local project directory I have five or so folders with some variation of the name Billy Blog going back to 2017. I say this only to convey that I have been attempting to start a blog for some time now with no success. Why is this? I can't say for sure other than that I have had the desire to start one several times over the last few years, started working on it, but then change my focus before getting it published or over the finish line.

Why am I starting a blog? The main reason is I want a place where I can write about the projects I am currently working on, track and prioritize the projects I would like to start, and share what I learn along the way. True be told at the time of writing this I am a novice programmer at best and the projects I would like to build are mostly beyond my skill set. Because of this, I feel that by formalizing the steps I need to take in order to finish them, I will hold myself more accountable and see them all the way through. I also find myself frequently searching for answers to issues or problems that I know I have already solved. With this, I intend for this blog to also serve as a digital notebook of sorts where I can come back to and review in the future.

I originally wanted to build a blogging platform from scratch and post the process. I still would like to do this, but for the sake of getting something up and running this time I am going bare bones with HTML and a CSS theme to start. We'll see if this lasts and whether I end up building something more robust.

Now on to figuring out how and where to deploy a static file site.